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OJHS Ram 1st day of school


Contact Talmage Allen  Talmage Allen Assistant Principal
Contact Keeli Beland  Keeli Beland Staff
Contact Erin Benbow  Erin Benbow Teacher
Contact David Bertucci  David Bertucci Teacher
Contact Allison Branco  Allison Branco Teacher
Contact Garrett Brown  Garrett Brown Teacher
Contact Bobby Cole Jr.  Bobby Cole Jr. Teacher
Contact Candi Crawford  Candi Crawford Staff
Contact Shelly Crist  Shelly Crist Staff
Contact Nicole DeCoste  Nicole DeCoste Teacher
Contact Barbara Denys  Barbara Denys Staff
Contact Micki Dias  Micki Dias Teacher
Contact Matt Dillon  Matt Dillon Staff
Contact Matthew Dole  Matthew Dole Teacher
Contact Patti Dominguez  Patti Dominguez Teacher
Contact Adrian Espinoza  Adrian Espinoza Teacher
Contact Jenny Ferguson  Jenny Ferguson Teacher
Contact Maryann Fisher  Maryann Fisher Staff
Contact Chris Frazee  Chris Frazee Teacher
Contact Derek Gustafson  Derek Gustafson Teacher
Contact Melody Hastings  Melody Hastings Teacher
Contact Dee Hawksworth  Dee Hawksworth Teacher
Contact Selene Jimenez  Selene Jimenez Teacher
Contact Chris Lewis  Chris Lewis Teacher
Contact Lisa Lewis  Lisa Lewis Teacher
Contact Alyssa Machado  Alyssa Machado Teacher
Contact Shane Manley  Shane Manley Teacher
Contact Justin Martin  Justin Martin Teacher
Contact Alexa McConnell  Alexa McConnell Teacher
Contact Lee McGhee  Lee McGhee Teacher
Contact Ross McGinnis  Ross McGinnis Teacher
Contact Catherine Medlin  Catherine Medlin Assistant Principal
Contact Danesa Menge  Danesa Menge Teacher
Contact Bryan Mills  Bryan Mills Teacher
Contact Rosie Noyer  Rosie Noyer Staff
Contact Devi Petersen  Devi Petersen Staff
Contact Jamie Pooley  Jamie Pooley Staff
Contact Nicole Pooley  Nicole Pooley Staff
Contact Marjean Rath  Marjean Rath Teacher
Contact Cynthia Rawe  Cynthia Rawe Teacher
Contact Kyle Richardson  Kyle Richardson Staff
Contact Stephanie Robinson  Stephanie Robinson Teacher
Contact David Schmitt  David Schmitt Teacher
Contact Becky Simoncini  Becky Simoncini Staff
Contact Diane Stanton  Diane Stanton Teacher
Contact Jill Thompson  Jill Thompson Teacher
Contact Rachel Torres  Rachel Torres Teacher
Contact Lori Vargas  Lori Vargas Teacher
Contact Jon Webb  Jon Webb Principal
Contact Gillian Wegener  Gillian Wegener Staff
Contact Anne Whitman  Anne Whitman Teacher
English Department (L-R) Mr. Dole, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Menge, Mrs. DeCoste, Mrs. Jimenez, Ms. Hawksworth
Math Department (L-R) Mrs. Dominguez, Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Whitman, Ms. McConnell, Ms. Hastings
Science Department (L-R) Mrs. Benbow, Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Machado, Mrs. Rath, Mr. Frazee
History Department (L-R) Mrs. Torres, Mr. Manley, Mrs. Ferguson, Ms. Dias, Mr. Gustafson, Mr. Espinoza
PE/Electives (L-R) Mr. Bertucci, Mr. Martin, Mr. McGhee, Mrs. Vargas, Mrs. Branco, Mr. Cole
Special Education Department (L-R) Mrs. Rawe, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Brown, Mr. Schmitt
Office Staff and Classifieds
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