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Principal Note
Posted 7/16/19

Dear students and family, 

It is with tremendous pleasure that I welcome all of you to a brand new school year. The summer has been amazing for my family and me. I hope the same has been true for you and yours. Here at Oakdale Junior High School we have a mission to be our Greatest individuals that we can be. This is not only a message for students but the Staff at OJHS has also adopted this mission. Obstacles in life are unavoidable. Sometimes in life we experience the joys of victory and bitterness of defeat and loss. Together, with a mission of being our greatest self and the support of family and OJHS Staff, those obstacles can be addressed to produce success today and tomorrow. It is together that we cross the finish line and celebrate our accomplishments when the race is over on May 21, 2020. Greatness Today, Success Tomorrow. 

Jon Webb-Principal