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Grants and Donations
Posted 10/16/18

So far for the 2018/2019 school year, OJHS has qualified for two grants and one great donation. The first grant is from Raleys' Extra Credit Grant. OJHS qualified for the grant by purchasing a water bottle filling station to be located by the track. Thank you to Mr. Allen for writing the grant and thank you to Raleys for the grant. The second grant comes from Lowe's Toolbox Grant, written by OJHS teacher, Jenny Ferguson. Lowe's Toolbox Grant is a $5,000 grant to do some upgrades on our School Garden and beautification around the campus. Thank you Lowe's and thank you Mrs. Ferguson for being Great. Lastly, is a donation from the city volleyball club, Double Trouble. Double Trouble will be donating $5,000 to OJHS for the purchase of new volleyball nets and poles for the OJHS gym. Thank you Double Trouble for the continued partnership to support our student athletes.